The place of departure over the village of Skalsko is our main “Start” of us – paraglider pilots from Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo. From the take-off meadow, the eyes can slide southwest to the Botev and Triglav peaks of Stara Planina, northeast to the northern parts of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi.

In the Roman Empire the place was used for observation – flying we see the outlines of a wall. Treasure hunters often come to the place. There are also legends of hidden gold in a cave under the start. The nearby village of Iglika was chosen as a home the great Bulgarian actress Nevena Kokanova. All this makes the place very interesting, but for us paragliders the important thing is related to geography lessons – the main winds in Bulgaria are northwest. When the northwest wind makes flying in Stara Planina and Vitosha Mountain dangerous or impossible – we use Skalsko.

To the place of departure from Veliko Tarnovo you need 40 minutes by car, from Gabrovo 20 minutes. From the parking to the take-off place you can walk 150 meters. Often there are conditions to land at the very start and this makes the experience of your friends who accompany you very attractive.

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