What exactly is flying with a tandem paraglider?

The tandem paragliding flight is for people who have dreamed of flying into the skies since childhood. Those who dreamed of flying. Those who, listening to the myth of Icarus, spread their arms and ran across the field. Those who dreamed of building one of Leonardo’s inventions themselves and rising high in the clouds. Haven’t we all been like that? Children who dreamed of flying.

paraglider is often confused with a parachute. The simplest explanation for the difference between a paraglider and a parachute is easy to understand. With the paraglider we can rise in the airspace, and with the parachute the movement is only in the direction of the ground. The possibility of rising at the paraglider gives us the freedom, under the right weather conditions for the execution of flights, feasible without the help of an engine. The other difference is the way of starting. In parachuting, we have a skydiving jump. Some of the Bulgarian pilots who worked in recent years in Nepal, remember the stories of the Russian paratrooper and tandem pilot Evgeni Gutnik. In 1984, he and his colleagues participated in the filming of an advertising film for the Leningrad Chamber Factory “LOMO”. On the shot film there are footage of elite Russian paratroopers starting on ski from steep snowy slopes together with a passenger. Today, the wings are designed in a way that allows the take-off of an experienced pilot to be easy, often requiring only one step.

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